Taxation of Government Support

Taxation of Government Support

This is a short reminder that government support payments are often taxable. Some of the payments send out had no tax deductions, so if you received cash, put some aside for taxes.

For the CERB, How much to put aside? As it was at a low-income level, use the lowest rate at 20.5% (federal rate at 15% and provincial 5.05%). So the rule of thumb is put aside 20% of CERB.

The CRA-administered CRB, CRSB and CRCB all have 10% withheld at source (they deduct 10% for taxes just like you were an employee).   So, put aside 10% of CRB, CRSB or CRCB.

To dig a little deeper, the first $12,000 of all income is basically tax-free.    $12,000 x 15% = $1,800.  So, take the 20% mentioned above and subtract $1,800, save the rest.

Income and taxes will vary from year to year. Just don’t forget that government aid may be taxed!